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split chat.jade into: listen.jade and vent.jade
- Mandatory listener test noreg??
listen->vent crasg
* show who your previous listener was - info box with ability to message them on the forums, assign them positive feedback, or assign them negative feedback
Each *User* instance has a property, an array, of previous partners - these are UIDs.
When you join a room, your dyad partner's gets pushed to the array, partnerList
Whenever you get a new partner - the chat.js event/function is called - triggering a comm.request and gets the person's partnerList. it looks at partnerList[partnerList.length()-2] and returns it to the comm.request's callback function, which displays them. a javascript $("#MostRecentChatPartner").html() is what happens.
Chat.jade needs a #MOstRecentChatPartner div
function getPreviousPartner() {
x = User;// get the User object for the person sending the comm request
* when you rate someone positive, or negative, optionally give them feedback or cancel it
Before it sends the event, hide it and replace it with a new form, then you need to create the form, and have a submit button, and when the submit button is clicked THEN the comm/event ( from word^5) and also include the additional-comments
* figure out why leaderboard isn't updating for users in real-time ... e.g. why doesn't "Zachary Burt" have any points?
* figure out how many negative feedbacks have been assigned to Users with forum usernames... group by syntax, and paste it here
* call joe esposito and figure out "getting started guide" for flaskDijscrape
* create roleplay fetish chat site
> respond to reddit thread
abuse mod tool
19 Don't auto reconnect - if you are a listener and your venter leaves.
20 make sure to hook up feedback to logged conversations so i can analyze
5) Implement utils/emailer with pony or node_mailer, and templates.
If listeners aren't logged in, say "You can create an account here! and then come back to log in when youre done. will open in new window"
make sure experience works smoothly, including the IP address checking (for neg ratings)
Ask listeners to fill out an explanation for why they rated the person good
13 show scrolling "TIP" bar linking to suicide threads, suicide hotline number, etc.
- make authServer and feedbackServer into singletons
- let user save conversation to PDF
- neg feedback responsivity?
- bans? reprimands? encouragement to learn?
- anthony, incentives for top listeners - creditcovers for top listeners? t shirts if they make a forum post explaining their listening
- textroulette for top listeners
- sneakpeeq companies give sponsors to top prizes? ask donny who we have relationships with?
- sneakpeeq credit for top listeners
- Implement selenium and saucelabs for CompassionPit
3) 301 redirect on /forum and /forums and /forums/