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Tube Masters

In Tube Masters, you play daredevil who is tubing down the side of a mountain. Pay attention and avoid the obstacles, while trying to get the highest score possible!

This is a submission for JS13kGames!


Dodge the Red obstacles and pick up the green. The yellow pickups are speed boosts, which will give you 2x points and move you at 2x speed for 2x danger!


Use the Right and Left arrow keys to move around.

Extra: if you're curious about some stats, use the escape key



Zack Urben: GitHub, Twitter


Jonathan Darling: GitHub


Following my participation in JS13k 2018, I was really eager to participate again, but I actually forgot about it until I saw the following tweet:

Today marks the start of #js13k

a month-long code-golf game-making extravaganza of k.i.s.s.

Join up! it's free and you can get real physical prizes like t shirts books and games, thanks to generous sponsors!

I am a celebrity judge, I promise to be nice

— Christer McFunkypants Kaitila (@McFunkypants) August 13, 2019
<script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>

I didn't officially write code until a few days later, the 18th, and had no clue what direction to take except for the following: 3D. I decided to make a very simple attempt at 3D with a simple race/beat the clock/survival game. With the theme of "Back" I was envisioning tubing down the side of a mountain, trying to avoid all sorts of obstacles. Admittedly, I had a hell of a time with some of the rendering and math concepts, as its been awhile since I did this type of math - so there was quite a bit of relearning to do. Once I started enjoying it so much, I deviated from the plan and began simply tinkering with shaders and modeling stuff in blender to display in my project. Eventually I had to pivot when I realized things weren't coming together, which is where we ended up.

That said, I really enjoyed it, more so than last year, despite only having an unfinished game (to be generous). Hopefully I'll be back in full force next year, and not struggling with the basics webgl..!

Having basically zero 3D rendering experience in the past, I was able to make strides, all thanks to - which lays out the fundamentals of webgl2 in an easy to digest snippets. I tried to repay some of my thanks!

For the other random sources I used, and found helpful, checkout this.


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