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TerminalMdB (http://pypi.python.org/pypi/terminalmdb/0.0.3) is a *NIX command-line interface for the IMdB. It makes use of the excellent API over at www.omdbapi.com to retrieve basic movie information.


Either set up an alias:

alias imdb = python path/to/terminalMDB.py

Or preferably use pip:

pip install terminalmdb

TerminalMDB can be used with one of three flags:

imdb -t "foo" => search by title and return first result

imdb -i "tt0066921" => search by id and return the result (new in version 0.0.3)

imdb -s "bar" => search by title and return all results



Requires Python 2.7+

Tested on OS X 10.8

Cool things can be done with data returned from TerminalMdB. Use your imagination!


  • Movie showtimes near current location

  • Actor Search


TerminalMdB is made available under the GPL (version 3 or later)