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[Deprecated] Laptop is a set of scripts to get your Mac OS X laptop set up as a development machine.
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NOTE: This repo probably still works, but hasn't been touched in a while. For a more up-to-date way to setup OSX, check out setup.


Laptop is a set of scripts to get your Max OS X laptop set up as a development machine.


  1. Install a C compiler, such as GCC, LLVM, or Clang.

Download a compiler:

  1. Set zsh as your login shell.

To change your login shell run this from a Terminal:

chsh -s /bin/zsh


zsh < <(curl -s

It would also be helpful to install the following development apps prior to running this script (apps that must be installed are in bold):

  • Charles
  • Chocolat
  • Chrome
  • Gitbox
  • Kaleidescope
  • MongoHub
  • Navicat Lite

In addition, these normal apps will also be useful:

  • 1Password
  • Alfred
  • Archiver
  • ColorSchema Studio
  • delimport
  • Divvy
  • Dropbox
  • Evernote
  • Fontcase
  • Macchiato
  • Photoshop
  • Remote Desktop Connection
  • Sidestep
  • Soulver
  • Things
  • Truecrypt
  • Tunnelblick
  • WriteRoom

What it sets up

  • Ack for finding things in files
  • Heroku gem for interacting with the Heroku API
  • Heroku Config plugin for local ENV variables
  • Homebrew for managing operating system libraries
  • ImageMagick for cropping and resizing images
  • Flask for writing web applications
  • Python for writing general-purpose code
  • virtualenv for managing versions of the Python programming language
  • SSH public key for authenticating with Github and Heroku
  • NodeJS and some packages for automating build procedures
  • MongoDB, neo4j, and Redis along with their respective Python packages

It should take less than 30 minutes to install (depends on your machine).

Other apps

Assuming you are using your machine for more than just development, these will be nice to have:

  • Adium
  • Delicious Library 2
  • Flip4Mac
  • Google Book Downloader
  • Media Converter
  • Noisy
  • Pulsar
  • Reeder
  • Simple Comic
  • Spotify
  • Steam
  • SweetFM
  • The Tagger
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