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BBEdit clippings for Twitter Bootstrap
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Twitter Bootstrap

BBEdit Clippings for Twitter Bootstrap

This is a set of BBEdit clippings for use with Twitter Bootstrap.

Feel free to fork and improve or add to this project. Pull requests are welcome!


Copy the Twitter Bootstrap folder in to ~/Library/Application Support/BBEdit/Clippings and restart BBEdit. You should now see Twitter Bootstrap under BBEdit's Clippings > Change Set menu.

More information: How to create and use BBEdit clippings


Only a subset of Bootstrap has been implemented so far. Clipping syntax generally corresponds to an element's CSS class name in Bootstrap. Available clippings are listed below, organized according to Bootstrap's documentation:


  • Global Styles
  • Grid system:
    • Row: row
    • Offsetting columns: row offset
    • Nesting columns: row nesting
  • Fluid grid system:
    • Fluid row: row-fluid
    • Fluid offsetting: row-fluid offset
    • Fluid nesting: row-fluid nesting
  • Customizing
  • Layouts:
    • Fixed layout: container
    • Fluid layout: container-fluid
  • Responsive design:
    • Enabling responsive features: responsive head tags
    • Media queries (CSS): responsive media queries

Base CSS

  • Typography:
    • Blockquote: blockquote
    • Blockquote (floated left): blockquote pull-left
    • Blockquote (floated right): blockquote pull-right
    • Lists:
      • Unordered: ul
      • Unstyled: ul unstyled
      • Ordered: ol
      • Description: dl
      • Horizontal description: dl horizontal
  • Code:
  • Tables:
    • Basic: table
    • Bordered: table-bordered
    • Zebra-stripe: table-striped
    • Condensed: table-condensed
  • Forms:
    • Vertical (default): form-vertical
    • Inline: form-inline
    • Search: form-search
    • Horizontal: form-horizontal
  • Buttons:
    • Default: btn
    • Primary: btn-primary
    • Info: btn-info
    • Success: btn-success
    • Warning: btn-warning
    • Danger: btn-danger
    • Inverse: btn-inverse
    • Large: btn-large
    • Small: btn-small
    • Mini: btn-mini
    • Disabled: btn disabled
  • Icons by Glyphicons:
    • Icon: icon


  • Button groups:
    • Button group: btn-group
    • Button toolbar: btn-toolbar
  • Button dropdowns:
    • Button dropdowns: btn dropdown
    • Split button dropdowns: btn dropdown split
    • Dropup menus: btn dropup
  • Nav, tabs, pills:
    • Basic tabs: nav-tabs
    • Basic pills: nav-pills
    • Stacked tabs: nav-tabs stacked
    • Stacked pills: nav-pills stacked
    • Tabs with dropdowns: nav-tabs dropdown
    • Pills with dropdowns: nav-pills dropdown
    • Application-style navigation: nav-list
  • Navbar:
  • Breadcrumbs:
    • Breadcrumbs: breadcrumb
  • Pagination:
    • Multicon-page pagination: pagination
    • Multicon-page pagination (centered): pagination-centered
    • Pager: pager
    • Pager (aligned to sides): pager aligned
  • Labels:
    • Default: label
    • Success: label-success
    • Warning: label-warning
    • Important: label-important
    • Info: label-info
    • Inverse: label-inverse
  • Badges:
    • Default: badge
    • Success: badge-success
    • Warning: badge-warning
    • Error: badge-error
    • Info: badge-info
    • Inverse: badge-inverse
  • Typography:
    • Hero unit: hero-unit
  • Thumbnails:
    • Default: thumbnails
    • Block-level content: thumbnails-block
  • Alerts:
    • Default (warning): alert
    • Block-level content: alert-block
    • Error: alert-error
    • Success: alert-success
    • Info: alert-info
  • Progress bars:
    • Basic: progress
    • Striped: progress-striped
    • Animated: progress-striped animated
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Well: well
    • Close icon (button): close button
    • Close icon (anchor): close anchor

Javascript plugins

Please send all requests for bugs fixes or recommendations to:

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