Dependency-free .liquid snippet for responsive product images on Shopify.
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Responsive Shopify product images

Use this .liquid snippet in your Shopify theme to generate responsive product images.

Quick start

  1. Copy responsive-product-image.liquid to your theme's snippets/ folder and include it wherever you would normally include a product image. You must include the image parameter, specifying which product image to use:
{% include 'responsive-product-image',
      image: product.featured_image %}
  1. Copy responsive-images.js to assets/ and include it with your other scripts (usually at the bottom of theme.liquid):
{{ 'responsive-images.js' | asset_url | script_tag }}

That will output:

<img src="//"
    //     100w,
    //   160w,
    //    240w,
    //     480w,
    //    600w,
    // 1024w"
  alt="Product title"

Advanced usage

The snippet above is fine, but you'll get better results by estimating how much real estate your images will occupy at specific screen sizes.

For example, let's assume your theme has a typical responsive product grid layout that changes depending on the browser size:

Screen size Grid columns % of browser width
Mobile (<= 480px) 1 100%
Tablet (> 480px and <= 768px) 2 50%
Desktop (> 768px) 4 25%

You would give the sizes option this list of media queries (vw stands for viewport width):

{% include 'responsive-product-image',
   image: product.featured_image,
   sizes: '(max-width: 480px) 100vw, (min-width: 481px) and (max-width: 768px) 50vw, 25vw'%}

More about srcset and sizes:


Option Description Default
image Product image to display None (required)
sizes Media queries describing how large the image will be at various screen sizes. '100vw'
default_size Shopify image size to load as default <img> src 'medium'
attributes String of additional HTML attributes for the <img> tag ''


  • Why should I use responsive images?

    Your site will load faster. With responsive images, the user's web browser chooses to download the most appropriate image size for the device and layout.

  • What's up with that chunk of Javascript?

    It's a necessary hack. Shopify unfortunately doesn't tell us the width of an image, only the length of its longest side. But srcset must know an image's width to work accurately. So as a workaround, that bit of Javascript analyzes the image as soon as it loads, determine its actual width, and updates the srcset attribute.

  • Will this work in all browsers?

    Yes. However, native srcset support is relatively new, so if you need to support older browsers, then also include the Picturefill library.

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