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(defun applescript--eval-form (form)
"Inserts an Applescript program built from FROM into the current buffer."
(cond ((listp form)
(destructuring-bind (first &optional second third) form
(cond ((eq first :tell)
(insert "\ntell ")
(insert (eval second))
(applescript--eval-form third)
(insert "\nend tell"))
((eq first :set)
(insert "\nset ")
(insert (eval second))
(insert " to ")
(insert (eval third)))
((listp first)
(mapc #'applescript--eval-form form))
(t (insert (concat "\n" (eval form)))))))
((stringp form)
(insert (concat "\n" form)))
((symbolp form) (insert (concat "\n" (symbol-value form))))
(t (error "invalid form"))))
(defmacro applescript-do (form)
(applescript--eval-form (quote ,form))
(do-applescript (buffer-string))))
(provide 'applescript)
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