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(require 'applescript)
(defconst iterm "application \"iTerm\"")
(defmacro iterm (form)
`(applescript-do (:tell iterm ,form)))
(defun iterm-activate ()
(iterm "activate"))
(defun iterm-new-tab (&optional activate?)
(interactive "p")
(iterm (:tell "current window" "create tab with default profile"))
(if activate? (iterm-activate)))
(defun iterm-new-window (&optional activate?)
(interactive "p")
(iterm "create window with default profile")
(if activate? (iterm-activate)))
(defun iterm-split (&optional activate?)
(interactive "p")
(iterm (:tell "current session of current window" "split vertically with default profile"))
(if activate? (iterm-activate)))
(defun iterm-run-command (cmd)
(interactive "MRun command in iTerm: ")
(iterm (:tell "current session of current window" (format "write text \"%s\"" cmd))))
(defun iterm-set-name (name)
(interactive "MSet name of current tab: ")
(iterm (:tell "current session of current window" (format "set name to \"%s\"" name))))
(defun iterm-tab-names ()
(let* ((str (do-applescript "tell application \"iTerm\"
set theList to {}
repeat with t in tabs of current window
copy name of current session of t to the end of the |theList|
end repeat
end tell"))
(test (subseq str 1 (1- (length str)))))
(remove-if (lambda (word) (or (string-equal word ", ") (string-equal word ""))) (split-string test "\""))))
(defun iterm-open-dir (dir)
(interactive "DOpen iTerm tab in directory: ")
(iterm-new-tab t)
(iterm-run-command (format "cd %s" dir)))
(provide 'iterm)
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