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Note navigation

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One of the Trilium's goals is to provide fast and comfortable navigation between notes.

Backwards and forward

You can use alt-left and alt-right to move back and forward in history of viewed pages.

This works identically to browser backwards / forwards, it's actually using built-in browser support for this.

Of course this is basic and expected functionality, but it's worth mentioning that Trilium plays nicely here.

Jump to note

This is useful to quickly find and view arbitrary note - click on Jump to button on the top or press CTRL-J. Then type part of the note name and autocomplete will help you pick the desired note.

Recent notes

Jump to note also has the ability to show the list of recently viewed / edited notes and quickly jump to it.

To access this functionality, click on Jump to button on the top. By default (when nothing is entered into autocomplete), this dialog will show the list of recent notes.

Alternatively you can click on the "time" icon on the right.

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