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Trilium uses awesome CKEditor 5 as its editing component.


CKEditor supports markdown-like editing experience. It recognizes syntax and automatically converts it to rich text. See it in action:

Complete documentation for this feature is available in CKEditor documentation.

If the autoformat is not desirable for what you just wrote, you can press CTRL-Z which will un-autoformat the text to its original form.

Cut selection to sub-note

This feature is available since 0.39.3

One of the common situations in Trilium is when you're editing a document and it gets somewhat large so you start splitting it up into subnotes - the process is essentially like this:

  • select the desired piece of text and cut it into clipboard
  • create new subnote & give it name
  • paste the content from clipboard into subnote

Trilium provides a way to automate this:

You can notice how heading "Formatting" is automatically detected and new subnote is named "Formatting".

It is also possible to assign a keyboard shortcut for this action.

Include note

Text notes can "include" another note as a read only widget. This can be useful for e.g. including a dynamically generated chart (from scripts & "render HTML" note) or other more advanced use cases.

This functionality is available in the block toolbar icon.

Read only mode

To prevent accidental changes you can put text editor into read only mode by attaching readOnly label.

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