Sysfs interface for AXP209 PMU
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[WIP] sysfs entries for axp20x mfd driver

For mainline kernel 4.4+

Main purpose of this patch is creating sysfs interface to get information from AXP202/209 PMU until proper power driver is implemented in mainline kernel.

~  % ls /sys/power/axp_pmu/{ac,vbus,battery,charger,pmu,control,ocv_curve}

amperage  connected  used  voltage

amperage  capacity  charge  charging  connected  power  ts_voltage  voltage

amperage  cell_activation  charging  low_power

battery_rdc         disable_fuel_gauge    set_vbus_direct_mode
charge_rtc_battery  reset_charge_counter

overheat  temp  voltage

amperage  connected  strong  used  voltage
➜  ~  %

Properties table

Subsystem Attribute Type Unit AXP Reg Notes
ac voltage integer µV 56h:57h
ac amperage integer µA 58h:59h
ac connected boolean - 00h[7]
ac used boolean - 00h[6]
vbus voltage integer µV 5Ah:5Bh
vbus amperage integer µA 5Ch:5Dh
vbus connected boolean - 00h[5]
vbus used boolean - 00h[4]
vbus strong boolean - 00h[3]
battery voltage integer µV 78h:79h
battery amperage integer µA 7Ch:7Dh Discharge current
battery ts_voltage integer µV 62h:63h
battery power integer µW 70h:72h
battery capacity integer % B9h[6:0]
battery charge integer µAh B0h:B7h
battery connected boolean - 01h[5]
battery charging boolean - 00h[7] Direction of current
pmu temp integer m°C 5Eh:5Fh
pmu voltage integer µV 7Eh:7Fh
pmu overheat boolean - 01h[7]
charger amperage integer µA 7Ah:7Bh Charge current
charger charging boolean - 01h[6]
charger cell_activation boolean - 01h[3] Mode for charging deeply discharged cell
charger low_power boolean - 01h[2] Not enough input power
control set_vbus_direct_mode boolean - 30h[6]
control reset_charge_counter boolean - B8h[5]
control charge_rtc_battery boolean - 35h[7]
control disable_fuel_gauge boolean - B9h[7]
control battery_rdc integer µΩ BAh:BBh
- ocv_curve byte[] % C0h:CFh

Manual battery calibration tool

Usage: axp20x-calibrate-battery [-h | -p | -e | -l <file> | -s <file>]
-h:             Show this help message and exit
-p:             Print configuration
-e:             Edit configuration
-s <file>:      Save OCV table to <file>
-l <file>:      Load and apply OCV table from <file>

Editing (-e) and loading (-l) requires root privileges