iMessages keyboard behavior reimplementation for iOS 4 and up. As of iOS 7, Apple has APIs on UIScrollView that deprecate the need for this project.
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This project is an example of one way to reimplement iMessages keyboard dragging behavior (mostly).

You probably don't want to use this code. While it doesn't use any private APIs, it could be argued
that this code does rely on undefined behavior in determining which window the keyboard is placed 
in (let alone in knowing that the keyboard is even placed in its own window).

What this means is that if you do use any of this code in your project, there is a chance that
Apple may reject your app during the approval process. Or a chance that the behavior will be 
changed in the future, and the keyboard dragging behavior will just stop working.

Code is under an MIT license. If you do decide to use this code in your project, and something bad
happens, it is your fault, and not mine.