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Changes in Act
[main changes only -- see for full list]
2008/08/09 r1992 personal schedule
wiki diff between pages
enhance schedule ICal export
2008/07/15 r1943 use Email::* modules (and sendmail) to send email
2008/05/07 r1917 new purchasing features:
multiple products (e.g. registration, classes, accomodation)
each purchase can contain one or more products
each product can have one or more prices
users can issue multiple orders: they can purchase products any time payment is open
prices can be protected by promo codes
allow gratis prices
2008/04/26 r1874 OpenID server
2008/04/11 r1850 Croatian translation
2008/03/24 r1844 permalinks for news items
2008/03/19 r1819 Japanese translation
2008/02/17 r1804 better search engine compatibility: don't redirect bots on language change
2008/02/13 r1797 treasurer feature: unregister user
2008/02/09 r1790 new config vars registration_open, registration_max_attendees
r1788 Belarusian translation
2008/02/05 r1778 better looking skeleton site
r1772 Current Talks/Events API
r1766 Flickr photo galleries API
2007/11/27 r1737 Hebrew translation
r1736 Russian translation
2007/09/15 r1693 multilingual room names
r1690 support for free conferences (no payment)
2007/09/01 r1649 PayPal payment plugin
r1648 preview news items before saving them
r1646 tags: users can tag talks and wiki pages
2007/08/17 r1612 talk languages: define a set of accepted languages for a conference
and let the speakers set the talk language
r1609 news items datetime always editable, in local time,
can be in the future
r1603 treasurer can edit payments that he's created
and with no associated invoice
2007/07/30 r1569 Reorganizing The Fine Manual
2007/07/27 r1560 support for optional compiled templates
r1559 change password in two steps replaces reset password
2007/07/11 r1542 change password page
2007/07/09 r1508 wiki [user:nick_name], [user:first_name last_name] links
r1505 new payment means FREE
2007/07/02 r1482 Online payment: store payment type and price name
r1481 track database schema changes
r1478 allow donation in user payment
r1477 let treasurer generate invoices
2007/06/11 r1444 track management
2007/06/04 r1441 export talks to CSV format
2007/05/29 r1434 talk target audience
r1433 news
2007/05/08 r1395 optional talk accept notification
2007/05/02 r1386 add a fourth room color
2007/04/24 r1371 don't mangle pm_group user input
handle multiple pm_group per user in search
2007/04/19 r1368 add support for glob-like * in user search
2007/04/16 r1359 iCal import and export enhancements
2007/04/10 r1330 apply site policy to configuration
2007/04/07 r1312 paymentreport enhancements
r1311 wiki "delete page" feature
2007/04/02 r1284 user photo normalization to jpg/png, 320x200
r1281 Convert the application to use Unicode everywhere
r1279 'remember me' check box in login
r1278 move all core translations to .po files
2007/03/18 r1181 move price translations to act.ini
currency is global, not per price
remove table "prices", no longer used
move notify_bcc from [payment] to [payment_type_XXX]
allow notify_bcc to be a comma separated list
2007/03/14 r1176 EARLYBIRD price type, English only
r1175 add support for user:id in talk abstracts and wiki
r1173 handle multiple monger groups per user in statistics
r1172 top ten countries of already registered users
2007/03/06 r1161 treasurer payment input form now handles currency
2007/03/04 r1156 Duplicate user error changed to make a bit more sense
hide private emails
r1154 New rights management interface
r1153 two-step handler support
turn the new user form into a two-step handler
r1152 display correct currency in purchase form
r1151 users: store gpg_key_id instead of gpg_pub_key
2007/02/09 r1130 remove conf/ and templates/core/bank/
remove templates/core/bank
remove references to YEF, TPF, etc
2007/02/08 r1124 various wiki enhancements
2007/02/06 r1104 integrated wiki
2007/02/05 r1093 bin/mergeusers: tool to merge duplicate users
2007/02/02 r1071 move the bank account special information in core/bank
2007/02/01 r1062 add the datetime of registration to the users CSV file
r1061 forbid registration after the end of the conference
2007/01/31 r1041 log the datetime and ip of registration when a user registers
to a conference
2007/01/29 r1014 add canonical url (general_full_uri) for proper inter-conference links
2007/01/26 r1002 released under GPL/Artistic licenses
r999 bin/paymentreport: filter online payments with new -t option
2006/10/26 r986 let speakers comment their own talks
2006/10/13 r985 newly created users are automatically logged in
2007/10/08 r979 new External payment plugin for TPF
2006/08/16 r972 split the payment plugin logic in two:
a payment type is an instance of a plugin
2006/07/04 r967 bin/svnupdate: svn update of production conference repositories