Clarification on validating the URI format and the reason for strictUris mode. #18

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Having a schema with $schema: '', setting remote schema

  fs.readFileSync (path.join __dirname, 'json-schema-draft-04', 'schema.json'), 'utf8')

and validate something against that schema, leads to

  code: 'FORMAT',
  message: 'uri format validation failed: schemaA',
  path: '#/id',
  params: { format: 'uri', error: 'schemaA' } 

If I remove $schema: '' from my schema validation is ok.

My schema is quite simple:

schemaA = {
    $schema: '',
    id: "schemaA",
    type: "object",
    properties: {
      a: {
        type: "integer"
      b: {
        type: "string"
    required: ['a']

If I change the id value from 'schemaA' to '' then validation is ok. Isn't 'schemaA' a valid URI ?

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zaggino commented Dec 16, 2013

@k7sleeper look here, , your schemaA is an invalid URI though valid URI reference according to those tests I use.

Thanks very much.
I'm sorry that I created this issue.

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I'm a bit puzzeled: how does the test conform to JSON Schema: core definitions and terminology, section 7.2.1 and 7.2.2?


zaggino commented Dec 16, 2013

If you think the test is not correct, definitely open an issue at repository. I'll fix any changes to those tests.

Also keep this issue open, I'll look into it more when I'll have time.

As soon as I understand the difference between "URI" and "URI Reference", I open an issue if justifed.


zaggino commented Dec 16, 2013

Here it says it must be valid according to RFC3986 -

Here you can see URI defined as:
URI = scheme ":" hier-part [ "?" query ] [ "#" fragment ]

So your schemaA is definitely not a valid URI.

But, in my opinion, we cannot ignore JSON Schema: core definitions and terminology, section 7.2.1 and 7.2.2?

As far as I see, attribute id must not be a valid uri (in the strict sence of RFC 3986), but as I said, it's only my understanding.

How can the following problem be solved: a couple of JSON files in a local directory, each JSON file contains a schema, some of the schemas refer to others by id.
Which id values should the schemas have? A fake uri like "" ? No problem for me, but my feeling is that this is not the best solution according to Draft 4.

Briefly: I gues, attribute id will be treated different from an arbitrary uri attribute.


zaggino commented Dec 17, 2013

Well, I prefer not to ignore any part of JSON Schema that I'm able to implement.
I kind of think the fake uri is better than just plain string, something in the style of java packages.
Have you tried if some://where.else/completely# will validate?

There is always an option that you can remove $schema from your schemas and it will work fine.

If you wish, I can add an custom switch so validator will skip validation against $schema.

  1. No, I'd like to indicate which specification is used. I've to share the schemas with our Java folks. We want to be as thorough as possible.
  2. No. I suggest to change nothing until things are clear. May be I get into contact with the schema specification guys. They speak about 'URI' and 'URI reference'. I'd like to understand their intentions well.

zaggino commented Dec 17, 2013

Ping @fge , @nickl- , @kriszyp , @Julian
Can any of you guys help us here? Should schemaA be an valid id in json schema according to

Julian commented Dec 17, 2013

That is quite a good point :).

I don't think I ever noticed that section (7.2.1) using things that are not valid URIs.

I was the one who wrote that test (in response to a bug report from someone complaining that "asdf" was passing a {"format": "uri"} schema they wrote), and I do think that URI there means URI in the RFC3986 sense (i.e. not just a URI reference).

I also think that that usage of id seems reasonable.

So, in short, I think that probably what's wrong here is the meta schema -- I think id probably was meant to be a URI reference, but that format doesn't exist in draft 4. So to me it looks like something is missing.

@fge wrote it, and probably can clarify the intentions.

@geraintluff is writing draft 5 and probably also can clarify, and especially I'm pinging him to let him know about the ambiguity here :).


geraintluff commented Dec 17, 2013

I had assumed that "format": "uri" included relative URIs - if not, then I'd argue it's not very useful.

I also think the wording for v4 is not good - after all, the examples in section 7.2.2 include otherschema.json and #foo, so being absolute is clearly not a requirement.

@zaggino: After all, I'd suggest to support also relative URIs for the id attribute in z-schema without having to set an extra option, as, by now, it's a known weakness in the v4 draft.


zaggino commented Dec 18, 2013

If I'll replace URI validation with URI-reference validation as defined in RFC3986. Then your schemaA will pass as well as many other invalid things, like foobar foobar.

But in the end, positives probably outweigh negatives for now. I'll put an option to turn on strict URIs or something.

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Thanks, that's useful.


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