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Harmattan ☀️ ☔️ ☁️ ❄️ ⛄️

A theme for conky powered by OpenWeatherMap.


The latest version of this theme is on the master branch, and it supports conky 1.10.x.

For older versions, check the available releases.


  • Install conky, curl and jq.

    • On Ubuntu 16.04+, you may need to install conky-all instead of the transitional package conky.
  • Make sure you have the Droid Sans font installed.

  • Move the .harmattan-assets folder into your ~ dir.

  • Each theme is made of a single .conkyrc file which sits at the end of a file path inside the .harmattan-themes folder.

Some files/folders are hidden; unhide them. 😄

NOTE 2: There is a script which will copy the assets and then allow you to interactively play around with the themes.


Register a private API key on OpenWeatherMap to get weather data.

Place the API key in the template6 variable inside the .conkyrcfile.


Find the ID of your city and place it inside the template7 variable inside the .conkyrc file.


By default this conky will use your default locale.

Edit the template9 variable in the .conkyrc file to change the language.

See the list of supported languages

God-mode has some hardcoded text that won't get translated, but you can edit it manually.


Edit the template8 variable inside the .conkyrc file to change the units.


# Name Modes
1 Cards All
2 Elementary All
3 Elune All
4 Flatts All
6 New-Minty No Photo-mode ❗️
5 Metro All
7 Nord All
8 Numix All
9 Transparent No Photo-mode ❗️
10 Ubuntu-Touch All
11 Zukitwo All
12 Glass No Photo-mode ❗️
13 Button All
14 Texture All
15 OMG-Ubuntu! All
16 Brown-Card All
17 Ciliora-Prima No Photo-mode ❗️
18 Ciliora-Prima-v2 All
19 Ciliora-Secunda All
20 Ciliora-Secunda-v2 No Photo-mode ❗️
21 Ciliora-Tertia All
22 Ciliora-Tertia-v2 No Photo-mode ❗️

The Mini form factor in all themes doesn't have the Photo-mode.

Form factors:

# Name Description
1 Mini
  • Current temperature
  • Forecast for next 2 days
2 Compact
  • Detailed current conditions
  • Forecast for today & the next 2 days
3 Comfortable Same as Compact-mode plus:
  • Sunrise/sunset info
  • Current weather icon
  • More padding
4 God-Mode
  • Clock
  • Compact-mode
  • Network info
  • Cpu + mem + uptime + total load
  • Processes


# Name Description
1 Normal Icon used to display current weather
2 Photo Photo used to display current weather

Network Section:

In case the network section doesn't display in God-mode, you need to find the name of your network interface and plug it in manually @.

Replace the ppp0 string.

Rendering Weather Icons:

You can render a fresh set of weather icons in any color/size you want using the render-pngs script.

The script requires inkscape.
The script uses the SVG dir to render the pngs.

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