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Ciliora-Secunda for gnome-shell


The latest version of this theme is on the master branch, and it supports gnome-shell 3.26.

For older versions, check the available releases.


  • Move the Ciliora-Secunda directory into ~/.themes.

  • Install the user-themes extension, and apply the theme in gnome-tweak-tool.

Login Screen

In order to apply this theme to your login screen, move the gnome-shell-theme.gresource file into the usr/share/gnome-shell dir and restart gnome-shell.

  • Make sure that you backup the previous file before doing this!

  • Be very careful when doing this! You could potentially break GDM and have a hard time logging back in if you screw up.

  • Other themes won't look good until you restore the default root theme.

  • Although rare, updates to the system could restore the old theme.


  • To get rid of the overview background pattern, edit the gnome-shell.css file at selector #overview.

  • To remove/change the activities icon, edit the gnome-shell.css file at selector #panelActivities. If you don't want to use an icon here, just get rid of that selector. The menu-icons folder contains a bunch of icons that you can try. 😄

  • To increase the max height of the calendar popup, edit the gnome-shell.css file at selector #calendarArea.


  • Watch and reload

    The watch script will watch the chosen dirs for changes and recompile sass and reload the theme when a change occurs.

    Script dependencies:

    • inotifywait
    • sassc

    NOTE: The script creates a link to the Ciliora-Secunda dir in ~/.themes.

  • Generating the gresource file

    Use the gresource-gen script to generate a gresource file (into the repo's root dir by default.)

    Script dependencies:

    • glib-compile-schemas


Wallpaper, Icons