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What is does

Don't want to develop remotely? This gem is a convenient rsync wrapper to keep remote and local directories in sync.

  • actions - up | down | sync | init
  • check local and remote branch name match

Only supports git for now.

Use init to make a new directory with a fresh journey.json.

The sync option first executes a down. It watches for changes on your local filesystem, triggering an up each time.

Check --help.


Needs Node and npm

~> npm install -g amerigo
~> amerigo -h

Config file syntax


  "host": "<ssh remote host>",
  "root": "<repo root dir>",
  "user": "<ssh remote username>",
  "expeditions": [
      "remote": "<remote dir>",
      "local": "<local dir>"
  "ignores": [
  • host is the hostname of the server that you are accessing.
  • user is your username on the host server
  • root is directory that all remote filepaths will be accessed relative to. So if you have a folder project in your home directory, that should be ~/project, and remote: "foo" will resolve to ~/project/foo on the server.
  • local is the path to the local directory. Similarly.


Paying 'omage to the uncelebrated explorer.