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SCPD Video Downloads




  • Node v0.8+

  • MPlayer ~v1.1

  • Install this package using

      npm install -g scpd-curl
  • If you are a developer, install other node deps using

      npm install

    in the ./scpd/ directory

Installation on a Mac

  • If you haven't already, install XCode from the Mac App Store

    Once it's installed, go to Preferences -> Downloads -> Components, and install the Command Line Tools.

  • Install Homebrew (

    It's a manager for command line packages for OSX. There's a line from that site:

      ruby -e "$(curl -fsSkL"

    That you need to paste in your terminal window.

  • Install MPlayer (

      brew install mplayer

    (might take a while)

  • Install Node (

    Just get the pre-packaged binary.

  • Install the package that I wrote

      npm install -g scpd-curl
  • Now, at your terminal window, you can just type:


    And it'll give you a description of how to use the script.

  • If you ever want to uninstall all of this

    In the terminal

      npm uninstall -g scpd-curl
      brew uninstall mplayer

    Figure out how to get rid of Node

    Homebrew un-installation instructions

Webshop Reservations

To use, be smart



  • Python 2.6+
  • curl