Zaheerr's web designer demo app allows you to create your responsive website easily without any coding skills. The app is very useful to build quick sites with all the modern features like HTML5, Call to action button, forms etc.
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Zaheerr's web designing demo app is a free software for Mac OS X, Windows, Android and other Operating systems (OS's) that allows you to create your responsive website easily without any coding knowledge. The app provides modern features like HTML5, Call to action buttons, forms and so on.


  • Download .exe file
  • Save the .exe file to your local disk
  • Right click on the icon and run it as administrator
  • Follow on screen instructions
  • Click finish to launch the app

##How it works? web designing dashboard

web-designer main menu

This demo web designing app is designed to work on various devices ranging from Windows, Android, Mac and so on. If you find any difficulty while using this app, let us know in the issues sections. The simple site builder app of Zhaeerr is just a free demo software for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, Windows and other OS. It has easy to use interface for users who doesn't know the basics of website building and HTML, CSS knowledge. The developer of this app Zaheerr was built it for the SME businesses of London web design needs. It provides single dashboard for the user to design their website quickly unlike conventional web designing, many users are using it in metro cities like London, etc. Users can play around with various features like call to action button placements, lead capture form designs and placements, smart phone display options and so on.

##App Features

  • Simple site builder
  • Responsive site builder
  • Multiple layouts (single, 2 column, 3 column, etc)
  • Drag and drop blocks
  • call to action options
  • lead capture form options


It is a light weight application that works effeciently on many devices including modern versions without consuming much resources.

  • Windows stable version
  • Mac OS X versions
  • Android OS
  • iOS