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@@ -0,0 +1,4 @@
+Mirror of
+[Tiago Cunha's tmux.vim](
+License: This file is placed in the public domain.
2 ftdetect/tmux.vim
@@ -0,0 +1,2 @@
+autocmd BufNewFile,BufRead tmux.conf setf tmux
+autocmd BufNewFile,BufRead .tmux.conf setf tmux
111 syntax/tmux.vim
@@ -0,0 +1,111 @@
+" Vim syntax file
+" Language: tmux(1) configuration file
+" Maintainer: Tiago Cunha <>
+" Last Change: $Date: 2010-07-27 18:29:07 $
+" License: This file is placed in the public domain.
+if version < 600
+ syntax clear
+elseif exists("b:current_syntax")
+ finish
+setlocal iskeyword+=-
+syntax case match
+syn keyword tmuxAction any current none
+syn keyword tmuxBoolean off on
+syn keyword tmuxCmds detach[-client] ls list-sessions neww new-window
+syn keyword tmuxCmds bind[-key] unbind[-key] prev[ious-window] last[-window]
+syn keyword tmuxCmds lsk list-keys set[-option] renamew rename-window selectw
+syn keyword tmuxCmds select-window lsw list-windows attach[-session]
+syn keyword tmuxCmds send-prefix refresh[-client] killw kill-window lsc
+syn keyword tmuxCmds list-clients linkw link-window unlinkw unlink-window
+syn keyword tmuxCmds next[-window] send[-keys] swapw swap-window
+syn keyword tmuxCmds rename[-session] kill-session switchc switch-client
+syn keyword tmuxCmds has[-session] copy-mode pasteb paste-buffer
+syn keyword tmuxCmds new[-session] start[-server] kill-server setw
+syn keyword tmuxCmds set-window-option show[-options] showw show-window-options
+syn keyword tmuxCmds command-prompt setb set-buffer showb show-buffer lsb
+syn keyword tmuxCmds list-buffers deleteb delete-buffer lscm list-commands
+syn keyword tmuxCmds movew move-window respawnw respawn-window
+syn keyword tmuxCmds source[-file] info server-info clock-mode lock[-server]
+syn keyword tmuxCmds saveb save-buffer killp
+syn keyword tmuxCmds kill-pane resizep resize-pane selectp select-pane swapp
+syn keyword tmuxCmds swap-pane splitw split-window choose-session
+syn keyword tmuxCmds choose-window loadb load-buffer copyb copy-buffer suspendc
+syn keyword tmuxCmds suspend-client findw find-window breakp break-pane nextl
+syn keyword tmuxCmds next-layout rotatew rotate-window confirm[-before]
+syn keyword tmuxCmds clearhist clear-history selectl select-layout if[-shell]
+syn keyword tmuxCmds display[-message] setenv set-environment showenv
+syn keyword tmuxCmds show-environment choose-client displayp display-panes
+syn keyword tmuxCmds run[-shell] lockc lock-client locks lock-session lsp
+syn keyword tmuxCmds list-panes pipep pipe-pane showmsgs show-messages capturep
+syn keyword tmuxCmds capture-pane joinp join-pane choose-buffer
+syn keyword tmuxOptsSet prefix prefix2 status status-fg status-bg bell-action
+syn keyword tmuxOptsSet default-command history-limit status-left status-right
+syn keyword tmuxOptsSet status-interval set-titles display-time buffer-limit
+syn keyword tmuxOptsSet status-left-length status-right-length status-position
+syn keyword tmuxOptsSet message-[command-]bg lock-after-time default-path
+syn keyword tmuxOptsSet message-[command-]attr status-attr set-remain-on-exit
+syn keyword tmuxOptsSet status-utf8 default-terminal visual-activity repeat-time
+syn keyword tmuxOptsSet visual-bell visual-content status-justify status-keys
+syn keyword tmuxOptsSet terminal-overrides status-left-attr status-left-bg
+syn keyword tmuxOptsSet status-left-fg status-right-attr status-right-bg
+syn keyword tmuxOptsSet status-right-fg update-environment base-index
+syn keyword tmuxOptsSet display-panes-colour display-panes-time default-shell
+syn keyword tmuxOptsSet set-titles-string lock-command lock-server
+syn keyword tmuxOptsSet mouse-select-pane message-limit quiet escape-time
+syn keyword tmuxOptsSet pane-active-border-bg pane-active-border-fg
+syn keyword tmuxOptsSet pane-border-bg pane-border-fg message-[command-]fg
+syn keyword tmuxOptsSet display-panes-active-colour alternate-screen
+syn keyword tmuxOptsSet detach-on-destroy word-separators
+syn keyword tmuxOptsSet destroy-unattached exit-unattached set-clipboard
+syn keyword tmuxOptsSet bell-on-alert mouse-select-window mouse-utf8
+syn keyword tmuxOptsSetw monitor-activity aggressive-resize force-width
+syn keyword tmuxOptsSetw force-height remain-on-exit uft8 mode-fg mode-bg
+syn keyword tmuxOptsSetw mode-keys clock-mode-colour clock-mode-style
+syn keyword tmuxOptsSetw xterm-keys mode-attr window-status-attr
+syn keyword tmuxOptsSetw window-status-bg window-status-fg automatic-rename
+syn keyword tmuxOptsSetw main-pane-width main-pane-height monitor-content
+syn keyword tmuxOptsSetw window-status-current-attr window-status-current-bg
+syn keyword tmuxOptsSetw window-status-current-fg mode-mouse synchronize-panes
+syn keyword tmuxOptsSetw window-status-format window-status-current-format
+syn keyword tmuxOptsSetw window-status-activity-attr
+syn keyword tmuxOptsSetw window-status-activity-bg window-status-activity-fg
+syn keyword tmuxOptsSetw window-status-bell-attr
+syn keyword tmuxOptsSetw window-status-bell-bg window-status-bell-fg
+syn keyword tmuxOptsSetw window-status-content-attr
+syn keyword tmuxOptsSetw window-status-content-bg window-status-content-fg
+syn keyword tmuxOptsSetw pane-base-index other-pane-height other-pane-width
+syn keyword tmuxTodo FIXME NOTE TODO XXX contained
+syn match tmuxKey /\(C-\|M-\|\^\)\+\S\+/ display
+syn match tmuxNumber /\d\+/ display
+syn match tmuxOptions /\s-\a\+/ display
+syn match tmuxVariable /\w\+=/ display
+syn match tmuxVariableExpansion /\${\=\w\+}\=/ display
+syn region tmuxComment start=/#/ end=/$/ contains=tmuxTodo display oneline
+syn region tmuxString start=/"/ end=/"/ display oneline
+syn region tmuxString start=/'/ end=/'/ display oneline
+hi def link tmuxAction Boolean
+hi def link tmuxBoolean Boolean
+hi def link tmuxCmds Keyword
+hi def link tmuxComment Comment
+hi def link tmuxKey Special
+hi def link tmuxNumber Number
+hi def link tmuxOptions Identifier
+hi def link tmuxOptsSet Function
+hi def link tmuxOptsSetw Function
+hi def link tmuxString String
+hi def link tmuxTodo Todo
+hi def link tmuxVariable Constant
+hi def link tmuxVariableExpansion Constant
+let b:current_syntax = "tmux"

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