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Slasti version 2.0.2
Unfortunately, Oishii was taken, so Slasti it is.

 - redo filesystem-based tagbase format with an index, /tags take too long
 - search, aggregate in tags page - for tablets with poor ^F
 - invoke del2sla from an upload form
   - what if pre-existing marks exist? how to merge?
 - dedup URLs (show found ones at the time of entry)
 - localizations
 - make .substitute to return a list-of-strings; million useless .join now
 - replace sgmllib.SGMLParser with something better. Fails at HTML:
<title>Real Life Comics - The Online Comic &copy;1999-2010 Greg Dean</title>
<title>BAZL - Anh&auml;nge zur Konvention der ... (ICAO)</title>
 - configurable templates loaded from text files
 - how about a templatized root (not user's root, the root root in slasti.wsgi)
   - add version to it, extract from where? only in README at present
 - 2.0.1 bookmarklet cannot be used unless already logged in, needs a retry.
 - Implement HEAD, make sure returns no body on error
 - report basic performance data (in-page or out-of-band, either works)

fixup TODO for templates:
 - rename "jsondict" into something sensible
 - template docs for 2.0
   - macro variables list - document starting with underscore
 - Run down XXX
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