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Slasti version 2.2-dev
Unfortunately, Oishii was taken, so Slasti it is.

 - 2015 - bug - Preload hangs the whole server often
 - add Kris' nonce
 - redo filesystem-based tagbase format with an index, /tags take too long
 - search, aggregate in tags page - for tablets with poor ^F
   - Paginated tags list and a search input box for use with tablets
 - invoke del2sla from an upload form
   - what if pre-existing marks exist? how to merge?
 - dedup URLs (show found ones at the time of entry)
 - localizations
 - configurable templates loaded from text files
 - how about a templatized root (not user's root, the root root in slasti.wsgi)
   - add version to it, extract from where? only in README at present
 - 2.0.1 bookmarklet cannot be used unless already logged in, needs a retry.
 - bookmarklet cannot pre-load a Github page, fails with:
Content Security Policy: The page's settings blocked the loading of a resource at self ("script-src").
 - report basic performance data (in-page or out-of-band, either works)
 - rate-limit logins
 - obey hosts.deny and make sure that denyhosts parses the logs
 - annotations for tags
 - If you hit "new" while in a tag, pre-fill the tag
 - rename "jsondict" into something sensible

Tests are intended for any standard harness.
Just type
  nosetests                          # dnf install python3-nose
  python3 -m pytest test             # dnf install python3-pytest