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Alfresco RedLink Plugin

Alfresco module that allows to analyse the content of documents in order to extract information from them like persons, organizations, places, etc. By default only documents under a folder with the specific Enhance rule are processed and only persons, organizations and places are extracted from documents.

A scheduled job is used to enhance the content of the uploaded documents so the extracted information is not shown directly when uploading a new document.

The module consists in two components:

  • Alfresco component: Contains all the needed components to enhance a document and store the extracted information.
  • Share component: Allows to show the extracted information for each document and perform faceted search over such information



  • Execute the mvn clean install command in the root directory of the project
  • alfresco-redlink-module.amp and share-redlink-module.amp are generated in their respective target folder
  • Install the amps in Alfresco using the -force option to avoid conflicts with some dependencies if exist


  • RedLink configuration: Configure the next properties in for the integration with RedLink

    • sensefy.redlink.apiKey: The RedLink API Key
    • sensefy.redlink.analysisName: The name of the RedLink analysis used to enhance the content
  • Alfresco Share:

    • Create a new folder in some site
    • Create a new rule for this folder selecting the Enhance Content action and Execute rule in background option


In order to test the plugin, do the following:

  • Upload a document (or some documents) to the folder with the configured rule
  • A scheduled job is executed periodically to extract the configured information from the documents
  • Perform a search using the input box at the top-right of the screen
  • The search results are shown and the extracted information is also shown in the left side of the screen as facets
  • Select/Deselect the facets to trigger a new search filtering the documents by the selected facets


Redlink java SDK 1.2.0-BETA-patched is not public. This dependency only exist in Zaizi Maven Repository. To solve it this dependency need to be updated in Redlink Maven Repository.