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This repository adds support for the IPv6 Buddy keyboard (Euro version) on MacOS with Czech keyboard layout.

All you need is to:

  1. install Karabiner Elements (don't forget to enable kernel extension as suggested by the app)
  2. cp karabiner-elements-ipv6buddy-cz.json ~/.config/karabiner/assets/complex_modifications/
  3. open Karabiner
  4. click Complex Modifications
  5. click Rules
  6. click Add rule
  7. In the IPv6 Buddy (CZ) section, click on the Enable button next to Use IPv6 Buddy with Czech keyboard

And that's it! Enjoy your IPv6 Buddy.

What works and what doesn't:

  • numeric keys (0..9)
  • alpha keys (a..f)
  • dot key (NOTE: see limitations section below for the case when Shift is pressed)
  • colon and double-colon keys
  • slash key
  • backspace, tab and enter keys

Known limitations:

  • if you press the Shift key on your regular keyboard, then press the Dot key on IPv6 Buddy, you will get colon instead (the reason is that the colon key on IPv6 buddy actually sends left shift, then dot; while shift is already pressed, it is hard to distinguish if it came from your regular keyboard or from the buddy); this is a minor thing and the json-based rules of Karabiner are such a mess - I'm happy to accept a pull request for this, but don't want to spend any more time on getting this to work myself
  • if you enable Caps Lock mode or press the Shift key on your regular keyboard, the A..F characters will be in uppercase (that is usually expected, it's mentioned here just for clarity)
  • the US model of the Buddy is not supported by this repository; only the Euro version was tested


Support for IPv6 Buddy on MacOS with Czech keyboard layout




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