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docker-compose based local development

This project allows you to easily manage all your local development.

You can create new projects from templates, that can be saved to separate repositories.

I originally created this as an organizational specific project.

I have already managed to re-create those organizational projects in this new open source format.

I will be working to outline this process here, create documentation, and create examples for reference.


There are additional requirements for using robot in osx.

  • unison
  • unison-fsmonitor
  • fswatch
  • docker-sync

Please refer to the robot wiki for more details.


It doesn't matter where you run this from:

git clone robot
cd robot

Your site files will be located in...

(once you have built that project out):


The db credentials are:

db = <project_name>
user = <project_name>
pw = robot

site credentials:

u: admin
p: robot

Site URL

< the name you give it>.robot

Global Commands

create a project for use

robot create
robot create <project_name>
robot create --dir /path/to/arbitrary/directory/

list availble projects

robot projects

update the robot project

robot update

see active container resource usage

robot top

list contains with information about them

robot list

run dangerous global clean commands

robot clean volumes
robot clean files
robot clean all
robot clean with-bleach

Commands Using Project Arguements

You can use 'all' as an argument to start/stop/rm/rebuild.

It will check to make sure a applicable project exists for these actions.

build out the projects:

robot build < my_project_name >
robot build < my_project > < another_project > < any_number_of_projects >

rebuild project containers:

robot rebuild < my_project > < other_my_project >
robot rebuild all

other project management:

robot stop < project_one > < project_two >
robot stop all
robot rm < project_two >
robot rm all
robot start < project_one> < project_three >
robot start all

Commands Based on Current Working Directory

run a drush/wp command:

robot drush cc all
robot drush -y en entities
robot drush sql-query "select * from users"
robot wp user list
robot wp plugin install wp-super-cache

ssh to the web container of the project:

you will be the user: robot

cd ~/
robot ssh

ssh to a specific container from anywhere:

(you can determine the name in 'robot list' or 'robot top')

you will be the user: root

robot ssh project5_db_1

configure a ngrok vhost:

robot ngrok

Import / Export / Drop a Database

robot db export
robot db import my.sweet.db.dump.sql
robot db drop

Check container statuses for a project

robot status

Manage File Syncing

( this is only applicable to osx, linux volume mounting makes this not necissary )

robot sync status
robot sync test
robot sync restart
robot sync start
robot sync stop
robot sync up
robot sync back

General Usage

I will eventually list all the features and explain the use of each one.

A few key items involed:

  • xdebug
  • blackfire
  • ngrok

I have integrated my organization's custom projects into this new open source version.

I have provided a heavily "commented" example integration script, if you wish to do the same:


This will help guide you in creating a "drop-in-place" set of projects for your organization.

You can also find more information about installing and using robot here:

github robot wiki

I'll be working to futher develop the information there via: Document ALL the things