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#r @"./packages/Aether/lib/net45/Aether.dll"
#r @"./packages/Hekate/lib/net45/Hekate.dll"
#load @"./TwoCommon.fsx"
open TwoCommon
open Hekate
/// Inductive graph is a functional representation of a graph.
module InductiveGraph =
type IG =
private | IG of Graph<Vertex, string, Direction> * Board with
override m.ToString() =
match m with
| IG(g, b) -> sprintf "Inductive Graph:%s%A" System.Environment.NewLine g
/// Create a new instance, given edges and vertices.
let create board =
|> (fun x -> x, Vertex.toString x)
|> Seq.toList)
|> (fun x -> x |> Edge.fromV,
x |> Edge.toV,
x |> Edge.direction)
|> Seq.toList)
/// Tries to get a destination Vertex based on a source Vertex and a Direction. If the connection exists, it returns the destination Vertex. Otherwise, it returns the source Vertex.
let getNext ig from dir =
match Graph.Nodes.successors from ig with
| None -> from
| Some succs ->
|> List.tryFind (fun (_,d) -> d = dir)
|> function
| None -> from
| Some (dest,_) -> dest
#load @"./TwoIndGraph.fsx"
open TwoIndGraph
/// Solution 1
Solution.day2part1 @"./d2p1_map" @"./input_text" asdf.create asdf.getNext
/// Solution 2
Solution.day2part1 @"./d2p2_map" @"./input_text" asdf.create asdf.getNext