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docker-ce for Slackware
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docker-ce (Docker Community Edition)

(Adapted from and Vincent Batts' original scripts.)

Here's how to install the static release of Docker CE on Slackware.

First, go to the download page for docker-ce for static builds:

Download the .tgz package.

Then, ensure that the 'docker' group is present in your system, by
running the following line as root:

groupadd -r -g 281 docker

Add your selected user accounts to the 'docker' group for these accounts
to use Docker without requiring root privileges by running:

usermod -a -G docker <your_username>

(Note that currently-logged-in user accounts will need to relog.)

Then, with the .tgz package in the same directory as the
docker-ce.SlackBuild script, run the script as root to convert the .tgz
to a Slackware .txz:


This will produce a Slackware compatible .txz package.  The exact
version number in the package filename will depend on the version of
docker-ce found in, but it will be something like:

You'll find the output package in the /tmp directory.

Then, install the package (again as root):

cd /tmp
upgradepkg --install-new docker-ce-17.12.0-x86_64-1zakame.txz

Enjoy!  :-)

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