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10 Mojo Models in 10 Days
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10 Mojolicious Models in 10 Days

This project is inspired by 10 Catalyst Models in 10 Days by Ashley Pond V, using Mojolicious for the web framework instead of Catalyst. I started this mainly so I can practice writing Modern Perl while also learning more about writing good HTML5 and JavaScript. Aside from Mojolicious, I will also be using jQuery (bundled with Mojolicious) and Modernizr for UI and decoration, as well as web fonts from Font Squirrel and Google Web Fonts.


Aside from the aforementioned learning goals, I’m also going for the following:

  • Despite the name “Mojo Models”, I’ll be writing the models in such a way as they can be made standalone as possible, preferring to either use them directly in a Mojolicious::Controller, or interact with them through an adaptor class that pulls them in via Mojo::Base. That way, I can pull these models out when I want, say, to do a Dancer-based practice project instead of Mojo ;)
  • Practice good design as much as possible. Not only in code, but also on visual/print design as well. HTML5/CSS3 offers a richer set of possibilities for web designs than ever before; make sure I get to use it!
  • Write tests for the models, where applicable. This especially gets difficult as the practice calls for enhancing the app using JavaScript, so I need to learn of ways to do proper testing…

Getting Started

To run this webapp, you need Mojolicious as well as a bunch of modules listed in the Makefile.PL; install them as needed.

You may run the webapp using Mojo::Server::Morbo with the following command:

$ morbo script/mojoten
Server available at

The Models

RandomQuote: get a random quote (or all quotes) from a <DATA>-base

This is a simple, non-OO model that stores a list of quotes in its own <DATA> handle for retrieval via a couple of subs. Ashley’s original app emitted these quotations in either plain text or as a fragment of markup; my app expands on this by emitting quotes in JSON and using JavaScript to render them properly on a page.

MoonPhase: show phase-of-moon and illumination

Another simple model, also non-OO, but uses additional code from Astro::MoonPhase and Date::Manip. Again, app is different from the original by emitting in JSON to be read by JavaScript filling a section of the page, as well as being able to handle bad input correctly (by bailing out in case of bad input via Try::Tiny.) Still needs test scripts though, at least for the Perl parts.

CoverImages: get some product cover images from Amazon

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