Build, view, share, and embed pathway maps.
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Escher is a web-based tool to build, view, share, and embed metabolic maps. The easiest way to use Escher is to browse or build maps on the Escher website.

Visit the documentation to get started with Escher and explore the API.

Check out the developer docs, the Gitter chat room, and the Development Roadmap for information on Escher development. Feel free to submit bugs and feature requests as Issues, or, better yet, Pull Requests.

Follow @zakandrewking for Escher updates.

You can help support Escher by citing our publication when you use Escher or EscherConverter:

Zachary A. King, Andreas Dräger, Ali Ebrahim, Nikolaus Sonnenschein, Nathan E. Lewis, and Bernhard O. Palsson (2015) Escher: A web application for building, sharing, and embedding data-rich visualizations of biological pathways, PLOS Computational Biology 11(8): e1004321. doi:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1004321

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