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Online banking system in PHP & MySQL accompanied by a beautiful website !
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This project should not be modified in any way and used anywhere else without my permission.

If you use this project for phishing purposes after modifying the source code / or by any other means, remember that the original project has nothing to do with phishing or any other malicious purpose. Any loss of data or unauthorized access which happened because of such phishing kits would not be my responsibility as that is not my original code. Strict legal action would be taken if someone is found modifying it and using it for any unethical purpose.

Online Banking System

A web based banking system with all essential features and security accompanied by a beautiful and simple website. The website is designed in accordance with google material design and resposive web design guidelines to ensure a seamless experience between devices.

A fictional name of "Dolphin Bank" has been used only for representative purposes.

Built with

HTML5, CSS, JavaScript & jQuery used for front-end design.

PHP7 & MySQL used for back-end design.

Oracle MySQL has been used to create and host the database for the internet banking website.

Other than the languages/tools mentioned above no other/external libraries and/or web-page templates have been used, everything has been coded from ground-up straight from scratch.

How to build/use

Setup an environment which supports web development like LAMP on Linux systems OR install WampServer/XAMPP or anything similar on Windows.

Copy the folder net-banking or the files in it to the location of the localhost. For example "/var/www/html", the loaction of localhost in Ubuntu.

Import the net_banking.sql database into your MySQL setup.

Edit the file connect.php and give proper username and password of your MySQL setup.

Open a browser and test wether the setup works or not by visiting the home page. Type "localhost/home.php" as the URL in the browser to visit the home page.

All the passwords and the usernames of both the admin and the customer can be found in the database i.e. in the file net_banking.sql.

However some important usernames and passwords are provided below :

  • Username of admin is "admin" & password is "password123".
  • Username of most of the customers is their "first_name" & password is their "first_name" followed by "123".

Some useful links to help in proper setup :

Details about the project

An exhaustive list of features, documentation, design hierarchy, details about the web pages, database, design characterstics/features and a lot more can be found here.

The ER Diagram can also be found on the link given above or can be viewed here.

Description of the various folders

  • /net-banking : Contains the source code of the website
    • /net-banking/images : Contains various images and icon vectors used as resources in the website
    • /net-banking/fonts : Contains various fonts(.ttf files) used in the website

Screenshots (more can be found here)


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