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Super simple rubymine sinatra pow debugging example
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Debugging example

This example project is a super-simple example of how I used

to graphically debug a previous employer's simple web projects

  • Pow installed
  • Customized gems installed (see Gemfile for details)

Add example preamble to of a pow-linked app

touch tmp/debug.txt

Load target project in Rubymine and construct a "Configuration" with your project name using the "Remote remote debug" defaults

Ensure an appropriate Rubymine breakpoint is set somewhere in your sinatra app

touch tmp/restart.txt

Navigate a browser instance to your pow app's root (should wait - waiting for RubyMine's debugger client to connect)

In Rubymine press "Debug" for the Rubymine "Configuration" you constructed above

Rubymine should then halt on the pow request as required.

Note: This example assumes the POW_WORKERS variable is set to 1 (one). If multiple workers are active you may get errors that ruby-debug-ide could not attach to a port already in use.

Pow-worker / ruby-debug-ide / Rubymine remote debug client port mappings are therefore left as an exercise to the reader. So too, pow timeout parameters.

Lachlan Pitts (parameme)
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