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Welcome to Irrlicht.NET

Irrlicht.NET is a library to enable access from .NET languages to Irrlicht, the popular 3D engine.

Irrlicht.NET is a fork of and is based on the now discontinued Irrlicht.NETCP. The goal is to provide complete support for all of Irrlicht's functionality from .NET languages on both the Microsoft .NET Framework and Mono on Windows, Linux and MacOSX.

In it's current form, Irrlicht.NET supports only Irrlicht 1.6, but one of the goals for this repository is to change that situation by enabling easier rebasing to other branches.

Getting the sources

First, clone this repository from github:

git clone

In the cloned working copy, update Irrlicht from upstream by issuing:

git submodule init git submodule update


Windows - Visual Studio

  • Compile Irrlicht

    Go to the subdirectory 'irrlicht'. The appropriate branch of Irrlicht was automatically checked out for you when you cloned this repository. Refer to http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net for information on compiling Irrlicht.

  • Compile IrrlichtW

    Go to the subdirectory 'irrlichtw' and open irrlichtw.sln. Select the same configuration (Debug or Release) as you built Irrlicht and Build Project.

  • Compile Irrlicht.NET

    Go to the subdirectory 'irrlicht.net'. For Visual Studio 2008, execute runprebuild2008.bat, for Visual Studio 2010, execute runprebuild2010.bat This will create a solution file named Irrlicht.net.sln, which you can open and build in Visual Studio.

  • Compile the samples

    Go to the subdirectory 'samples'. As above run either runprebuild2008.bat or runprebuild2010.bat, which will create Irrlicht.samples.sln. Open this solution file in Visual Studio and Build.

Windows - CodeBlocks

Coming later

Linux and MacOSX

Coming later

Running samples

To be able to run the samples, you will have to copy the Irrlicht.dll from 'irrlicht/bin/Win32-VisualStudio/ to bin//


API documentation is not yet automatically generated, for now please refer to the source code.


There are plenty. Some small, some significant. Some would require changes to how Irrlicht works, especially when it comes to IReferenceCounted. If you find a bug, please add it as an issue on github: http://github.com/zaki/irrlicht.net/issues


If you want to work on or help work on Irrlicht.NET, you have a few options. First of all, the license if very permissible, so if you want to run with it, go ahead, fork the project, fix it yourself. Of course contributing patches back to http://github.com/zaki/irrlicht.net would be nice and very welcome. Receiving commit access to the repository is also an option.