A standard Hungarian keyboard layout for Mac OSX 10.6
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Copy the keylayout file into /Library/Keyboard Layouts/ and you can then select the new layout from System Preferences > Language & Text > Input Sources


This layout puts the most important (for programming) characters back to where they usually are on a PC keyboard (Windows, Linux, probably every single OS got it right, except Mac OSX for some reason).

  • 0 is now right left to 1 (rather than í, which moved to Alt+J)
  • On international QUERTY layouts you can type í with the key located between the left shift and the Z. You can also use that key along with the Z key combined with Alt to type the "<" and ">" symbols like on hungarian keyboards.
  • Alt is now the primary way to enter symbols eg:
    • Alt-Q is now \ Alt-V is @ and so on.
    • Alt-F and Alt-G are [ and ] respectively.

In general, everything should be where it belongs on a PC keyboard.

I had pretty good luck with this on a wireless keyboard with US keys, but YMMV. If you are stuck with a JP keyboard, either learn a new layout, or you can still use Ctrl-Alt-0 to enter a 0, because the keyboard misses a key on the left of 1.


Use it for whatever purpose, just don't blame me if something doesn't work out.