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2009 Oct 23: JRM: @ KAT configuring PAPER3
 Updated code to use non-obsoleted system calls.
 Support for non-UTC timezones where local clock is set to UTC (as most Linux systems are).
 Removed hard-coded 1hr daylight correction.
 Redirected makefile's hard-coded mv command.

 Code still needs some work to fix-up hard-coded locations of std *nix programs (awk) on different platforms.

07jul17 - dcb - @Boolardy setting up. Changed PC clock to run
 on London time. This changes UTC/LST in <statgps>. Not sure
 why as I would think that UTC comes from gps and is not dependent
 on PC fact sets PC clock. Ah..but setting PC, under
 root, to London time gives BTC, not UTC. They differ by an hour.

 Further..PC time in top bar is 10:13 AM BST; UTC in UTC/LST of
 <statgps> reads 9:13, but Thunderbolt GPS Date/Time reads
 8:14! This is, I think, because Ismael has +1h in his code.