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OAuth 1 Lib

This basically classes from I followed steps from

  1. Add namespace OAuth; at the beginning of every OAuth class.

  2. Add a backslash to the Exception class (or add use Exception;):

    class OAuthException extends \Exception

  3. Avoid underscores in class names (Laravel-Oauth2 Issue in Laravel 4 , Underscores in Namespaces and Class Names):

    abstract class OAuthSignatureMethodRSASHA1 extends OAuthSignatureMethod

    class OAuthSignatureMethodPLAINTEXT extends OAuthSignatureMethod

    class OAuthSignatureMethodHMACSHA1 extends OAuthSignatureMethod

  4. Fix the array_map call in OAuthUtil:

    return array_map(array('OAuth\OAuthUtil', 'urlencode_rfc3986'), $input);