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Distributed Squawk (DiSquawk) is a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that implements the Java Memory Model on non cache coherent architectures.

DiSquawk is being developed and tested on a 520-core prototype built using the Formic Board. DiSquawk is originally based on the Squawk JVM and the core libraries of Myrmics.


  • There is no Garbage Collection.
  • There is no filesystem support.
  • Sockets are not implemented.
  • A few classes from the Java library are missing (CLDC and J2ME based).


If you are interested in this work and would like to get access to more information please contact me at


This work was supported by the GreenVM project on Energy-Efficient Runtimes for Scalable Multicore Architectures (project #1643), which is being implemented under the ARISTEIA Action of the “Operational Programme on Education and Lifelong Learning”, co-funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and Greek National Resources.

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