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Snip is an add-on for Google Forms to help teachers turn printed worksheets into digital forms. With Snip, users can easily crop and save sections of their worksheets (such as instructions, questions, and answers) to their Google Drive. They can then insert the cropped portions of the worksheet directly into questions and responses in Google Forms instead of having to type and recreate diagrams.


  1. Clone/download this repository
  2. Run npm install

Use with node-google-apps-script

gapps is a node module that allows users to push local changes to Google Apps Script projects to their Google Drives.

gapps configuration

  1. Complete the installation and authentication (steps 1 and 2 of Quickstart) process for node-google-apps-script
  2. Rename gapps.config.sample.json as gapps.config.json
  3. Replace the fileId property in gapps.config.json with the ID of your Google Apps Script project's file ID
    1. To find the file ID, open your project from Google Drive. The ID is in the address bar, after the /d/ and before /edit
    2. For example, '//'

gapps usage

Run gulp upload-latest to compile your files and automatically upload them to your Google Drive project

Use without node-google-apps-script

Run gulp copy-latest to compile your files to the ./build directory. From here, you can manually copy them to your Google Apps Script project.

If you aren't making any customizations to the code, you can copy the pre-compiled files from the dist folder to your Google Apps Script project without using any command line tools.