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ReggieOS: A fast and efficient 64 bit only os
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ReggieOS is a very modern operating system. Unlike Windows and Linux or UNIX, it isn't built from a decades old kernal that uses 32 bit at its core. It doesn't need compatibility modes. Its kernal is from scratch. It runs at the lowest possible abstraction layer, removing overhead entirely. Uses modern x86_64 specific instructions. It doesn't need drivers. It boots up in about ~1 second on a hard drive and less on an ssd. Only 3 MB install file. Ultra efficient. 50% faster

ReggieOS is a TempleOS distribution that aims to be more modern & approachable.

ReggieOS HAS the following:

  • 32 bit color depth WIP(no more 16 colors)
  • Soundcard support with high bitrate WIP
  • High resolution monitor WIP (limited to video card max res)
  • 64 bit only design. Allows use of new instructions for maximum efficiency (Most processors past or around 2007 are 64 bit)
  • Low overhead for large clusters.
  • Runs 100% in RING 0. Can extremely increase performance.
  • Peripheral and driver support for graphics acceleration. Shrine aims to improve upon TempleOS in several aspects:
  • Approachability: Shrine ships with Lambda Shell, a more traditional Unix-like command interpreter
  • Connectivity: TCP/IP stack! Internet access!
  • Software access: Shrine includes a package downloader
  • Versatility: unlike stock TempleOS, Shrine requires only 64MB RAM, making it feasible for cloud micro-instances and similar setups (note: this is planned, but currently not true)


  • Modern GUI that is responsive and clean.
  • Fully functioning web browser

RIP Terry A. Davis

Software included in Shrine:

  • Mfa (minimalist file access)
  • Lsh (Lambda Shell)
  • Pkg (package downloader)
  • Wget

Setting up with networking

  • Native Stack (highly experimental)

    • configure your VM networking: Adapter Type: PCnet-PCI II (QEMU: -netdev user,id=u1 -device pcnet,netdev=u1)
    • Attached to: NAT seems to be the most reliable setting, Bridged Mode also works somewhat
    • On boot, Shrine will automatically attempt to acquire an IP address. If you don't get a message about "Configuring network", the adapter was not detected.
  • To enable tunelled networking through Snail:

    • configure your VM: COM3 - TCP, server, 7777 (in VirtualBox, server = UNCHECK Connect to existing)
    • (make sure to disable networking for the VM, otherwise Native Stack will get precedence)
    • start the VM
    • run ./
    • you will now be able to access the Internet, try for example pkg-list
  • To enable file access through Mfa, configure the VM as follows:

    • configure your VM: COM1 - TCP, server, 7770
    • start /Apps/Mfa.HC.Z in the VM
    • on the host, use ./ to transfer commands and files
    • for example: ./ list /Apps/Mfa.HC.Z Mfa.HC

Both of these can be used simultaneously.

Package management functions

Note: In Lsh, use pkg-install xyz in place of PkgInstall("xyz") etc.

  • PkgList;

    List all packages available in the repository.

  • PkgInstall(U8* package_name);

    Download & install a specific package.

  • PkgInstallFromFile(U8* manifest_path);

    Manually install a downloaded package. Manifest must reference an existing .ISO.C path.

  • PkgMakeFromDir(U8* manifest_path, U8* src_dir);

    Build a package from directory contents. For an example manifest, check here. Manifest must reference a valid .ISO.C path which will be used as output!

  • PkgMakeFromFile(U8* manifest_path, U8* file_path);

    Build a package from a single file. See above for details.

See here for more information about how packages work.

Building from source

See here


Keep in mind this has nothing to do with unix, or linux. It runs its own kernal and is completely built from scratch. Also this does not include a bible because including it would increase the size by 23MB

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