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My personal modlist and configuration files I use with Rimworld Enhancement Suite

Looking for multi-player config?

All multi-player config files are stored within the MultiplayerConfig folder, follow the instructions below to setup them.


Multiplayer Zethrith's Multiplayer

Steam Rimworld Enhancement Suite - Multiplayer


  • Download Zethrith's Multiplayer
  • Uncompress under the Mods Directory (Steam/steamapps/common/RimWorld/Mods)
  • Subscribe to the Rimworld Enhancement Suite - Multiplayer modpack
  • Download this zip
  • Uncompress the zip and extract the contents of MultiplayerConfig folder under RimWorld's Config directory (found under settings > show save data location)
  • Enjoy

What does PersonalConfig consist of?

It contains mod config I personally use for my playthroughs. It is not mandatory for your multi-player experience.

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