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What is Daggerfall Unity?

Daggerfall Unity is an open source recreation of Daggerfall in the Unity engine created by Daggerfall Workshop.

Classic Daggerfall Plus

  • Cross-platform (Windows/Linux/Mac)
  • Retro graphics are boosted by modern engine and lighting
  • High resolution with classic style
  • Smooth first-person controls
  • Huge draw distances
  • Quality of life enhancements
  • Mod support

Free Addon To Free Daggerfall

  • Runs using a free copy of Daggerfall
  • Import your classic save games
  • Revisit a huge world of adventure

An Open Platform

  • Daggerfall Tools for Unity
  • Open source under MIT license
  • Quality contributions are welcome
  • Newcomers welcome and helped to learn
  • Friendly community

Available Now

  • Build updated regularly
  • Start creating mods
  • Contribute to development



  • Daggerfall Unity - v0.7.x
  • Daggerfall Tools for Unity - v1.8.2
  • Minimum Unity3D version - 2018.2.21f1


  • MIT License
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