PADLang is yet another interpreted language now with focus on C-like syntax.
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PADLang Build Status Apache 2 licensed

Yet another language written in Python.


  • Basic parser for converting tokens into AST (Abstract syntax tree).
  • Interpreter. Handles the flow of instructions in AST.
  • Contains basic types: Integer, Real, String.
  • Class support, inheritance.
  • List and dictionary support.
  • Scope module imports, global program imports.
  • Class member call support, which supports local and Python object members. (ie. you can call append on your list, but also call member of class declared locally.)
  • Scoping, ie. scope can have its own local variables and still access those declared in outer scope.
  • Methods with their own scope. They clone program's main scope rules, therefore they support nested methods.
  • Conditional statements
  • Case switch
  • Basic variable existence checks when using variables.
  • Variable references (ex. you can pass variable reference to a procedure, which can then modify it.)

How to use

  • Either clone the repo or pip install padlang, see samples for an example of how to use the package.


  • PADLang is licensed under the Apache 2 License, see LICENSE for more information.