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A repository of Pokemon RNG abuse guides
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How To Find DS Parameters in Generation 5 (EmuAbuse).md


This is a temporary readme to describe how this repository will be structured.

All of the guides will be in markdown. Please refer to the example guide for tips on how to write your guide.

Structure of the repository

  - guides/
    - <game>/
      - <language>/
        - <type>.md

All folders and files should be lowercase.

Valid game folders are:

  • rse
  • frlg
  • dppt
  • hgss
  • bw
  • b2w2
  • xy
  • oras
  • sm
  • usum
  • tport
  • gales
  • colo
  • misc
  • tools

misc is used for Ageto, Channel, Wishmaker, Dream Radar, and other miscellaneous types of RNG.

Languages should be two letter language codes

  • eg: en, fr, it

The type of RNG should be as few words as possible

  • eg: egg, ultra beast, stationary

If you have write access to the repository

Please make a new branch titled <game>/<language>/<type> and add your guide there before doing a pull request to the master branch. NEVER WRITE TO THE MASTER BRANCH DIRECTLY.

When a pull request is made, this allows other people to review the guide, make sure it looks clean and is clear to understand. At least one person needs to approve the guide before the pull request is merged.

Do not be afraid of comments or critiques on your guide. We all want the best possible guides for our community. :)


  • PCalc mod team - Shiny_Sylveon, CptnObvious, wwwwwwzx, Admiral_Fish, Subject21_J, Vovvy, Vladcik, Bumba, Real.96, FrostByte_Manuel, and EzPzStreamz
  • /u/Zapdos44, /u/OPBreloom, and /u/Upper90175 for being the first to give guides to this repo to help get it off the ground
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