Online Variance Reduction
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Online Variance Reduction


The package is the implementation of the bandit sampling algorithm for online variance reduction presented in the paper:

Online Variance Reduction for Stochastic Optimization Zalán Borsos, Andreas Krause, Kfir Y. Levy. arXiv preprint arXiv:1802.04715, 2018.

The implementation is compatible with Python 2.7.


First, install numpy with

pip install numpy

The following command will then install vrb from PyPI:

pip install vrb

You can install the package vrb locally by running:

python install


The main entry point of the sampler is vrb.VarianceReducerBandit. The sampler should be used with alternatingly calling its sample() and update() as the following snippet shows:

n = 100 # number of data points
sampler = vrb.VarianceReducerBandit(n=n, random_state=0, reg=1, theta=0.1)
for t in range(100): # proceed in 100 rounds
    i, p = sampler.sample(1) # sample 1 points
    loss = adversary.get_loss(i, p) # loss provided by the adversary, e.g. norm of the gradient in SGD
    sampler.update(loss) # feed the loss back to the sampler 

For a detailed example, see the ipython notebook in examples.


Use nose in the package directory to run the unit tests:



Please send any feedback to Zalán Borsos.


The code is licenced under the MIT license and free to use by anyone without any restrictions.