Docker image with OpenJDK and Zalando CA
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Zalando Docker OpenJDK Image

This Docker base image contains OpenJDK 8 and the Zalando CA certificate. Versions of this image will be immutable, i.e. there is no "latest" tag, but instead version numbers are incremented like:

<JAVA_MAJOR_VERSION>_<COUNTER> (example: "8-42")

Build and test the image like that:

$ sed -i 's/UPSTREAM/15.10-11/g' Dockerfile
$ docker build -t openjdk:local .
$ sed -i 's/UNTESTED/openjdk:local/g' Dockerfile.test
$ docker build -t openjdk-test:local -f Dockerfile.test .
$ docker run openjdk-test:local

You can find the latest OpenJDK Docker image in our open source registry.