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Odd - SSH Bastion Host

Docker image for a SSH jump host running OpenSSH server. A bastion host acts as a proxy to access internal/private subnets from the public internet.

Environment Variables

The Docker image expects the following environment variables to be set:

List of IP networks (CIDR) the bastion host is allowed to access.
The public SSH keys for the "granting-service" user, one per line.
URL of the SSH Access Granting Service (even).


$ ./build.sh
$ export GRANTING_SERVICE_SSH_KEY=$(cat ~/.ssh/ssh-access-granting-service.pub)
$ docker run -d -p 2222:22 -e GRANTING_SERVICE_SSH_KEY="$GRANTING_SERVICE_SSH_KEY" -e GRANTING_SERVICE_URL=https://even.example.org -e ALLOWED_NETWORKS= stups/odd
$ ssh -p 2222 granting-service@localhost grant-ssh-access jdoe