Tooling around Maven and Gradle to generate code from OpenAPI/Swagger specs
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The project provides some tooling around Maven and Gradle* to generate code from OpenAPI-Specs. It comes with custom-templates to support Spring-MVC/Spring-Boot projects. Instead of generating code only once when a project starts (design phase), code will be generated at every build to make sure your code is in sync with your spec. So controllers/resources are generated as interfaces developers have to implement then. So changes in the spec should be reflected immediately on build/compile-step.

Getting started with Maven

To get started in a Maven project just add the following plugin-definition to you pom.xml.


According to your OpenAPI-spec (api.yaml) code will be generated in ${basedir}/target/generated-sources/swagger-codegen

More examples how to use the Maven-Plugin can be found in the integration-test section.



The project itself uses Maven:

mvn clean install

Run with integration-tests enabled

mvn clean install -Pintegration




Many thanks to ePaul for reporting issues and code-contributions.


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