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from typing import List, Union
from urllib.parse import urljoin
from flask_sqlalchemy import BaseQuery, Pagination
from connexion import ProblemException, request
from opentracing_utils import trace, extract_span_from_kwargs
from app.extensions import db
from app.libs.resource import ResourceHandler
from app.libs.authorization import Authorization
from app.resources.slo.models import Objective
from app.resources.sli.models import Indicator
from app.resources.sli.api import SLIResource
from .models import Target
class TargetResource(ResourceHandler):
model_fields = ('username', 'created', 'updated')
def authorization(self):
return Authorization()
def get_uri_from_id(obj_id: Union[str, int], **kwargs) -> str:
product_id = kwargs.get('product_id')
slo_id = kwargs.get('slo_id')
return urljoin(request.api_url, 'products/{}/slo/{}/targets/{}'.format(product_id, slo_id, obj_id))
def get_query(self, slo_id: int, **kwargs) -> BaseQuery:
return Target.query.filter_by(objective_id=slo_id)
def validate(self, target: dict, **kwargs) -> None:
if not target or not target.get('sli_uri'):
raise ProblemException(title='Invalid target', detail="Target 'sli_uri' must have a value!")
def new_object(self, target: dict, **kwargs) -> Target:
fields = self.get_object_fields(target, **kwargs)
fields['target_from'] = target.get('from')
fields['target_to'] = target.get('to')
product_id = kwargs.get('product_id')
objective_id = kwargs.get('slo_id')
target_objective = Objective.query.filter_by(product_id=product_id, id=objective_id).first_or_404()
fields['objective_id'] =
indicator_id = self.get_id_from_uri(target['sli_uri'])
indicator = Indicator.query.filter_by(product_id=product_id, id=indicator_id, is_deleted=False).first_or_404()
fields['indicator_id'] =
return Target(**fields)
def get_objects(self, query: Pagination, **kwargs) -> List[Target]:
return [obj for obj in query.items]
def get_object(self, obj_id: int, **kwargs) -> Target:
return self.get_query(**kwargs).filter_by(id=obj_id).first_or_404()
@trace(operation_name='save_target', pass_span=True)
def save_object(self, obj: Target, **kwargs) -> Target:
current_span = extract_span_from_kwargs(**kwargs)
current_span.log_kv({'objective_id': obj.objective_id})
current_span.log_kv({'indicator_id': obj.indicator_id})
return obj
def update_object(self, obj: Target, target: dict, **kwargs) -> Target:
fields = self.get_object_fields(target)
for field, val in fields.items():
setattr(obj, field, val)
obj.target_from = target.get('from')
obj.target_to = target.get('to')
product_id = kwargs.get('product_id')
objective_id = kwargs.get('slo_id')
# No need to make extra DB call!
if obj.objective_id != objective_id:
target_objective = (
Objective.query.filter_by(product_id=product_id, id=objective_id).first_or_404()
obj.objective_id =
indicator_id = self.get_id_from_uri(target['sli_uri'])
if obj.indicator_id != indicator_id:
target_sli = (
Indicator.query.filter_by(product_id=product_id, id=indicator_id, is_deleted=False).first_or_404()
obj.indicator_id =
return obj
def delete_object(self, obj: Target, **kwargs) -> None:
def build_resource(self, obj: Target, **kwargs) -> dict:
resource = super().build_resource(obj)
# extra fields
resource['sli_name'] =
resource['from'] = obj.target_from
resource['to'] = obj.target_to
resource['product_name'] =
resource['sli_uri'] = SLIResource.get_uri_from_id(obj.indicator_id, **kwargs)
return resource
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