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ZMON Controller

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ZMON Controller is the frontend UI and REST API for Zalando's open-source platform monitoring tool.

Running Locally

Please use the main ZMON repository to start a Vagrant demo box.

Make sure the provided Vagrant-Box is up and all services are running.

$ ./

Now point your browser to https://localhost:8444/

To test service worker code locally in Chrome:

/opt/google/chrome/chrome --unsafety-treat-insecure-origin-as-secure --ignore-certificate-errors

Running Unit and Database Tests

This will require Docker and automatically starts a local PostgreSQL database:

$ ./

Running E2E Tests

This will require npm

$ ./

Building the Docker Image

$ ./mvnw clean package
$ docker build -t zmon-controller .

See also the ZMON Documentation.

Database API schema

find . -name '*sql' | sort -V | xargs cat > schema_os.sql

Iconsets by Everaldo Coelho