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  • v1.3.0
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@FxKu FxKu released this Dec 17, 2019 · 6 commits to master since this release

Ho Ho Ho. We are happy to announce a new release of the Postgres Operator 🎄 🐘

New features

  • Added validation and additionalPrinterColumns for CRDs (#599, #653)
  • IPv6 support for Patroni URLs in database pods (#671)
  • New option to define custom annotations for database pods (helps when running Istio) (#657)
  • Additional options for logical backups to better support S3-compatible endpoints (#628)
  • Creation of InitContainers and Sidecars can be disabled (#478)

Enhancements and fixes

  • Move to StatefulSet api version apps/v1 (#675)
  • Avoid orphaned objects when deleting cluster during creation (#654)
  • Avoid errors when changing the service type (#716)
  • Avoid stale cache when checking RBAC in namespaces (#685)
  • Support any cluster name label in logical backup pod/dump script (#725)
  • Improve documentation (#762)
  • Compatibility with Helm v3 (#738)
  • Switched dependency management from glide to go modules (#544)

Breaking changes

  • Enforce minimum CPU and memory limits (#731)
  • Remove clusterrole privilege from RBAC manifest (#765)

Docker image:
Sample logical backup image:
The Postgres Operator UI image remains unchanged.

Many thanks to the committers @FxKu, @sdudoladov, @erthalion, @RafiaSabih, @Jan-M
special thanks to @CyberDem0n for his continuous work on Patroni and Spilo.
and our contributors @optix2000, @ermajn, @runyontr, @zimbatm, @hasegeli, @brunsgaard,
@rektide, @deitmerit, @fwagner-smf, @IlyaSemenov, @bchrobot, @OlleLarsson @knan-nrk,
@anikin-aa, @haf-afa, @phobot, @AmirAliSobhGol, @yujunz, @EricLemieux, @CarlQLange

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