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Even if outdated this mod can still be a source of how to do some basic things in dayz modding.

DayZ Black Raven Mod

This mod is used on DayZ-SA server owned by Black Raven Community.


  • No stamina consumption while sprint/jump and no thirst/hunger
  • Log kill/death in a json file (checkout
  • Kill feed per session in chat game

Other features are done in the init.c file of the mission like set max water and food, define different loadouts, spawns...

Server setup

  • Fresh install dayz 0.63 server
  • copy the BlackRavenDM folder into the root of server folder
  • edit the serverDZ.cfg file with your own server preferences
  • Run server with -mod=BlackRavenDM (check BlackRavenDMDayzMod.bat for a debug start/stop/wipe setup)


  • Dayz Modders discord
  • DannyDog for the kill feed
  • DaOne for the chat AdminTool
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