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MONICA - The Model for Nitrogen and Carbon in Agro-ecosystems

MONICA is a dynamic, process-based simulation model which describes transport and bio-chemical turn-over of carbon, nitrogen and water in agro-ecosystems. On daily time steps the most important processes in soil and plant are modelled mechanistically. They are linked in such way that feed-back relations of the single processes are reproduced as close to nature as possible. MONICA works one dimensional and represents a space of 1 m² surface area and 2 m depth.

The acronym MONICA is derived from „MOdel of Nitrogen and Carbon dynamics in Agro-ecosystems”.

This Wiki contains information about the software development of MONICA as well as its use.

Getting help / helping


The documentation of the MONICA processes can be found in our GitLab repository. MONICA documentation

Mailing list

A mailing list for discussions and help regarding MONICA can be found in the MONICA Google group. Everybody can read the list, but only accepted members of the group can post messages.

GitHub issues

If you find bugs in MONICA, has improvement ideas or requests for enhancements, please use the GitHub issue tracker.

helping / Pull requests

If you'd like to help developing MONICA, fix bugs or offer improvements, please use the GitHub Pull request mechanism.


Some information about the different versions of MONICA can be found here MONICA versions.

Compile MONICA

How to compile MONICA?(Windows) / (Linux)

An older german version of a compile how to can be found here How to compile MONICA? (old). How to compile the current version also be found in the README in the repository.


MONICA can be used in two broad ways, as a standalone commandline application and with scripts which will send jobs to a cloud of MONICA worker processes.

How to "install" MONICA with the current zip version can be found here. How to use MONICA as a standalone commandline application is described here.

To find a description of how to use MONICA on high performance computers or with multiple machines look here. Basic information of how MONICA works is assumed in the HPC use case description.

In order to use MONICA you have to understand it's configuration file format. This documenation you can find here.